GS Distributor Group – There are Growlers…
It used to be that a Growler is what was used to carry fresh craft beer home from a brewery. Today almost any retail outlet selling beer can now offer Growlers to go, at least where it is legal according to state laws, (which seem to be changing on almost a daily basis).  For beer enthusiasts, a growler is much more than just a simple container…it is a godsend! Growlers, you see, are the best way to ensure the fresh from the tap taste you are looking for, stays fresh–during the trip and right up until your very last sip.

Introducing Counter Pressure Filled Growlers with PEGAS

Counter pressure filling of Growlers is a simple concept really, it’s used by all the breweries today that are bottling their beer. It includes these few steps:

1.Counter pressure fill the Growler with CO2

2.CO2 is heavier than Oxygen, so it fills the Growler from the bottom, and pushes the Oxygen out of the Growler as it fills with CO2

3.When filling with beer, the beer cascades down the sides of the Growler, filling from the bottom up. Control the speed by releasing the CO2 pressure in the Growler.

4.Cap the filled Growler with an inch of foam, and you will have a CO2 and Foam barrier protecting the beer from Oxygen. A properly poured Growler will have no foamy waste, maximizing profits per keg.

5.Cap the Growler immediately after removing it from the filler, and you will have a Growler with a 30 day shelf life. No need to rush home and drink this Growler within 2 days.

Who is GS Distributor Group?

We are the distribution arm of The Growler Station, Inc. and are the Exclusive US Distributors of the Pegas™ CrafTap™, NovoTap™, and all of the Pegas accessories. As the Exclusive US Distributors of the Pegas counter pressure filling equipment, we take on all responsibilities for warranty coverage on all Pegas equipment, and for technical support and customer service. GS Distributor Group does set up authorized dealers that sell the Pegas equipment within the US, with responsibilities of selling and supporting the Brewery and Bar industries. Our dealers are vetted for their ability to properly provide the technical support needed by their customers.  To The Growler Station/GS Distributor Group, our customers are very important, and their complete satisfaction is our #1 goal! Our missions is to revolutionize the way Craft Beer is delivered to the consumer.

What are the Pegas CrafTap’s and NovoTap’s?
The Pegas CrafTap is a counter pressure glass growler filler that eliminates waste, and increases the shelf life and taste of the Growler.  The Pegas NovoTap is the brother to the CrafTap, and is for filling plastic bottles.  Introduced to the US in 2009 by NPM Group, The Pegas CrafTap has quickly become the standard for filling high quality, longer lasting growlers.

Who is NPM Group?
The Growler Station/GS Distributor Group is proud to be partnered with NPM Group.  Novosibirskprodmash (NPM Group) is a young and fast-growing company that was founded in 1997 in Novosibirsk city – the famous scientific center in Russia and the largest business center in Siberia.  NPM Group is the designer and manufacturer of the Pegas beer dispensing systems currently used in more than 16,000 draught beer retail outlets all over Russia.  NPM Groups missions is simple, ‘Respond fast to the market demands by developing and manufacturing innovative products for the beverage industry that serve as effective solutions to specific industry problems.

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