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Fast Foam Free Filling

Filling growlers the standard way always result in excessive foam, resulting in a longer wait for a messy growler. The PEGAS CraftTap 2.0 is a unique counter pressure system that fills growler quicker, foam free, for a better tasting growler.

Longer Lasting

Standard filling equipment delivers a growler of beer that loses it's integrity from the moment its poured, resulting in a flat beer in 2-3 days. The PEGAS CraftTap retains the exact environment from the keg to the growler, therefore never allowing beer to begin breakdown. The result is a growler that lasts for weeks versus days.

Superior Tasting

Yes, not only longer lasting, but also SUPERIOR TASTING. By pouring the oxygen in the growler while counter pressure filling with CO2, which saturates the beer with CO2 when the growler is filled, you get a fresher, better tasting growler.

Fresh Draft Beer

With the PEGAS CraftTap, you can serve the freshest Craft Beer on Tap, ready to be taken home and enjoyed with family and friends.

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CrafTap Leds On

CrafTap Leds On


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